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      Address:No.46,East of Hongli Road, Muye Area,Xinxiang city ,Henan province,China
      ? (86)15836161759
      Zip Code:453002
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      Our company is mainly engaged in researching, developing and producing functional fabrics and protective clothes. We have been using the "THPC-CC Ammonia" and" CP" technology in the production of flame retardant fabric and using stainless steel conductive fiber or carbon fiber to produce the anti-static fabric since the early of last century. Possessing the advanced dyeing and finishing equipment, as well as an outstanding management team of technology research an...【More】

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      • Flame-retardant
      • Anti-static
      • Acid-alkali
      • Oil-water repellent
      • Anti-bacterial
      • Multifunction
      • Other fabrics
      • Clothing line
      Address: No.46,East of Hongli Road, Muye Area,Xinxiang city ,Henan province,China
      Tel:86-373-3068039 (86)15836161759 Fax: 86-373-3865827 E-mail: xinte@xxxtex.com Zip Code: 453002
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